Nora Jane Struthers Sees the Big Picture in “The Wire”


Nora Jane Struthers reinvented herself with Wake, an insightful and personal collection of songs underscored by a more assertive delivery. What more could you want from a former high school English teacher in Brooklyn?

These days she’s based in Nashville, where much of Wake was written. She was inspired to compose one of its standout tracks, “The Wire,” while having some morning coffee in her writing room.

“I was just looking out my window and all of a sudden my eyes stopped on this bird that was not flying, but that was just stationary in the middle of the air,” she recalls. “And I was looking at it for a minute and it took 15, 20 seconds before I saw the wire that it was sitting on.”

She continues, “That just got me thinking about my own life and how sometimes I have to make hard changes and take risks. I know that I need to take those risks and I know that I need to make those changes but I take a long time to get through the denial of having to do it. It takes me a while before I can see the big picture, and see that everything’s going to be OK and this is the right direction to go in.”

Speaking of the right direction, Struthers and her band, the Party Line, are spending the spring on tour all over the country. Their next stop will be at Gypsy Sally’s in Washington, D.C. on Thursday (March 26).

Enjoy the CMT Edge live performance of Nora Jane Struthers & the Party Line’s “The Wire.”