Carl Anderson Gets the Picture in “Silver Lining”


Carl Anderson hails from Charlottesville, Virginia, although he’s currently living in Nashville and building the foundation of a promising music career. His upcoming album, Risk of Loss, arrives on April 7, and it’s an appealing blend of understated vocals and thoughtful lyrics that translates well to an acoustic setting. And it’s also really easy to put on and let play all the way through.

One of the highlights is “Silver Lining,” about taking a little trip down memory lane.

“I wrote ‘Silver Lining’ in Virginia a few years ago while I was living in a really terrible basement apartment. Something about that windowless kitchen was good for songwriting,” Anderson tells CMT Edge. “I should also add that I lived below a large Indian family and the smell of curry was constantly wafting through the ventilation. That had to have been good for my muse.”

Despite — or maybe because of — the title, there’s a bittersweet feeling to the song even though the arrangement is pretty cheerful. Yes, he’s visiting the cemetery to remember someone he’s lost, but he reminds himself that there’s always a chance for a reunion on the other side.

“The song came to me after I had been at my mom’s house looking through some old family photographs. One in particular caught my eye and I developed the story. It’s about not having seen someone in a long time and wondering if you’ll ever see them again,” he says. “I like the way this melancholy song manages to sound upbeat. It’s become a favorite to perform live.”

Later this month, Anderson has gigs slated in Cleveland, Chicago and Indianapolis. That’s followed by a record release show in Nashville on April 6, as well as appearances in Lynchburg, Virginia, on April 18 and Charlottesville on April 19. Enjoy the CMT Edge premiere of Carl Anderson’s “Silver Lining.”