J.P. Harris Hears True Country in “A Breaking Heart”


Nashville needs more guys like J.P. Harris, a tattooed traditionalist whose straightforward songwriting catalog deserves a wider audience. Once you hear his latest album, Home Is Where the Hurt Is, you’ll never again say, “Nobody sings real country music anymore.”

During a brief break from the road earlier this year, Harris and his band, known as the Tough Choices, came in to film “A Breaking Heart” in the CMT studio. Harris says the inspiration came from a nearby honky-tonk, the venerated Robert’s Western World on Lower Broadway.

“There’s all this noise, there’s people dancing everywhere. Sometimes when your heart’s so tore up, all you want to do is scream and shout, but a breaking heart — you can’t hear it happen,” Harris says. “You can hear a glass shatter on the ground, you can hear the band playing on the stage, but you can’t hear all the pain that’s going on inside.”

Harris is currently in Austin, Texas, to play (at least) six sets at South by Southwest, followed by a few weeks of touring stateside in early April. After that, he’ll be traversing Europe through May 31.

View the CMT Edge live performance of J.P. Harris and the Tough Choices’ “A Breaking Heart.”