The Decemberists Churn Out the Worst TV Episode Ever


The Decemberists might be singing the words “make you better,” but in their hilarious video for “Make You Better,” the band suffers through what has to be the worst television appearance ever. Even the graphics naming the band members are misspelled.

Set on a fictional 1970s TV show called the Old Blue Rock Palace Show, none other than Nick Offerman of Parks and Recreation fame plays the weird German host, but he seems distracted by other priorities.

After an awkward interview portion, the band’s performance doesn’t go much butter … er, better. Check out those awful outfits, the futuristic (according to the ‘70s) drums and a bass guitar made out of deck wood or something. This may be the worst episode of the worst television program ever made. But I bet you’ll still like it.

For proof that the band can get much better gigs in real life, see the list of sold-out shows on their upcoming tour schedule, including a hometown concert on March 21 at Portland’s Keller Auditorium.