Elenowen’s “Desert Days” Brightens the Winter Doldrums


Here in Nashville, we’ve been stuck at home for days at a time due to the city’s worst winter in 20 years. One way to beat cabin fever is by listening to Elenowen‘s “Desert Days,” an encouraging reminder that things are going to get better.

Leading up to writing the song, Josh and Nicole Johnson had a lot on their mind – namely, getting out of their cruddy basement apartment and starting a family. Now, “Desert Days” is the lead track to their newest release, For the Taking.

Luckily the new parents did get out of the basement apartment – and they’re not letting the snow keep them homebound this month either. On Friday night (March 6), they’ll perform at the Square Room in Knoxville, Tennessee, followed by Barking Legs Theatre in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Saturday. And on March 12, they’re booked at Harry’s Coffeehouse in Birmingham, Alabama.

Enjoy the CMT Edge live performance of Elenowen’s “Desert Days.”