The National Parks Take a Leap of Faith in “Stone’s Throw”


For decades, tourists have visited the national parks in Utah, but this summer, the National Parks — a promising Americana band from Utah — will be coming to you.

A sophomore album titled Until I Live is expected to be released in June, followed by a tour that will carry them all the way to the East Coast.

Check out a charming acoustic video for one of the new songs, “Stone’s Throw,” then read our Q&A with Brady Parks below the player.

CMT Edge: I like the optimism in this song. What was going through your mind as it was being written?

Parks: I wrote “Stone’s Throw” during a time of transition for the band. We were in the process of writing the second album which was a much different experience for us than writing the first album. Syd [McFarlane, the band’s keyboard player] had also just had her baby so things were a bit up in the air there. Change can be scary and exciting, but it really just comes down to trusting in that gut feeling that leads you to jump with both feet into something. So that was the sort of base emotion that brought this song to life.

Why did you select June Audio for the video shoot, and what do you remember most about the experience of filming it?

June Audio has become a second home for the band. Our producer, Scott Wiley, is amazing and we’ve developed a relationship with him that allows the music to grow and develop organically. We had pretty full demos before we got to the studio but it’s in there that the album has come to life. So with the video it just felt right to capture one of those moments there.

What I remember most about filming the video was how tired I was before we filmed it. It was at the end of one of our last days in the studio so I was feeling pretty drained, but as soon as Syd and I started playing it, I felt alive. The studio is just a beautiful space and Syd and I have been playing music together for a long time, so jamming out just the two of us like old times made for a really cool moment.

The lyric “Do you ever think about the stars? / To see them clear, you have to step into the dark” is one that a lot of people could take to heart. What does that lyric mean to you?

I think that is the lyric that encompasses the meaning of this song and the overarching theme of the entire album. Sometimes the unknown is terrifying but beautiful and exciting. When you’re standing on the edge of something big you just need to take that leap of faith.