Feufollet Extend the Cajun Universe With “Red Light”


Louisiana’s Feufollet (which means “crazy fire” or “will-o’-the-wisp” in French) capture the timeless fun of a Cajun barn dance in their new video for “Red Light.”

The colorful song comes off their new album, Two Universes, out March 24, while its video was recorded at a Californian concert in May 2014. It goes to show that the universe of Cajun fans extends well beyond traditional Cajun country.

Kelli Jones-Savoy, lead singer and writer of “Red Light,” answered a few questions about the foot-tapping tune, which you’ll find just after the video’s world premiere.

CMT Edge: What makes a Cajun concert special compared to other shows?

Jones-Savoy: Well, besides being in French most of the time, Cajun music was traditionally meant to provide an atmosphere for people to dance in, which sets it apart from other styles of music in a lot of ways. When people went out to a dance back in the day, and still today, it was the end of the workday and people wanted to let loose, dance and have a good time with the people in their community. We have some original songs in our repertoire that stray from the traditional Cajun band sound, but we still keep that danceable energy at the forefront of our live shows.

Can you tell the story behind “Red Light”?

I’ve always been impressed with the people in my life that can make the best of difficult situations, and that sentiment was the inspiration for the lyrics of “Red Light.” I wrote it with a chorus that hearkens back to some of those old bluegrass gospel duets where the singers break apart and sing different words at the same time at certain points — I’ve always loved the intricacy in those songs. We played around and developed it a little further for the album and turned it into a duet between Chris Stafford and I, exchanging verses in addition to the back and forth harmony of the chorus.

What stands out about the crowd you taped for this video?

We were playing at Ashkenaz, a dancehall in Berkeley, California, which is a bit different from the dance atmosphere when we play shows around where we live in Lafayette, Louisiana. It’s not too far off though — there is a surprising community of Cajun music lovers there in Berkeley and a lot of places throughout the world, actually. There are people we’ve all known for a long time that come out to our shows in Berkeley. We had a great crowd there that almost made it feel like an extension of the home that was over 2,000 miles away from us that night.