Sons of Bill Follow the “Road to Canaan” to CMT Edge Live


When the roots-rocking band-of-brothers Sons of Bill came in to record their CMT Edge Live session, they brought a song from the other side of the world with them.

Last fall the Charlottesville, Virginia, based group told us “Road to Canaan” really does refer to the ancient Biblical land. Plus, it was written in Iraq while songwriter Sam Wilson was visiting his wife, who’s a school teacher there.

But instead of setting his story in the Middle East, Wilson chose a desolate feeling area that’s a little closer to home – Nebraska.

“We were thinking about the constant coming and going in our lives,” he said. “As a touring musician, some of the longest nights for me have been driving the wheat and corn fields of the Midwest in the middle of the night. There’s beauty there and darkness, too. There’s longing coupled with the anticipation of the return.”

You can feel that anticipation throughout this live version of the song, as Wilson fingerpicks his acoustic guitar and the rest of the band — along with guest vocalist Leah Blevins — waits for their moment to step in. When they finally do, it starts to feel like home is just over the horizon.

Enjoy Sons of Bill’s “Road to Canaan” from their album Love & Logic live on CMT Edge.