Triumph of the Wild Trek From “California to the Crossroads”


Based out of San Diego, Triumph of the Wild recently took a seat-of-the-pants five-month tour of the Southern U.S.

Along the way, the folkie duo (who describe themselves as a “one man, one woman” band) crafted a song that blends the music of two very different regions.

The band’s Ryan Schilling talked with CMT Edge by email about “California to the Crossroads,” a standout track from their upcoming second album, We Come With the Dust (out April 14).

“I remember writing the harp (harmonica) part for ‘California to the Crossroads’ on a 100 degree day with a homemade ice-chest air conditioner blowing on us,” he said. “Just from that harp part, we knew it would be our traveling song on the record.

“We wanted it to have a good story, so one thing we were always talking about while traveling from California through the South was ‘What if one morning the other person was gone?’ You can’t remember when or what city you saw them last and all you can do is try to remember and put together possible scenarios. That’s what happens to the guy in this story.”

With its bluesy melody and sunny rock ‘n’ roll guitar, “California to the Crossroads” really is a combination of sounds from the Golden State and the Deep South. But add in singer Christy Barrett’s seismic vocals, and it becomes something all its own.

Check out the CMT Edge premiere of Triumph of the Wild’s melting pot of music thoughts, “California to the Crossroads.”