Mighty Oaks Sway in the Breeze of “Just One Day”


Hailing from three countries and making their home in Berlin, Mighty Oaks are proof that a rootsy Americana sound is not exclusive to the North American continent.

The band’s three members – Ian Hooper (USA), Claudio Donzelli (Italy) and Craig Saunders (U.K.) – all come from different backgrounds and cultures, but when they come together, those borders disappear.

“We met as individual singer-songwriters in Hamburg, Germany,” said the trio in a collective email to CMT Edge. “And after forming a friendship with one another, we decided to start a band a couple years later, knowing that we shared an interest in similar types of music.”

With a sound centered on acoustic guitars, mandolins and harmonies, the group shows where those similar interests lead in this video for the softly swaying “Just One Day.”

“Music is an important part of our lives, obviously because we are a band, but also because we love to listen to music as individuals,” they said. “We all enjoy music that accompanies you on journeys, adventures and even the sometimes-mundane daily trips around the city by bike. Music has a way of turning your life into a movie, and we keep that in mind when writing.”

On “Just One Day,” you can almost imagine the wind blowing through the massive branches of the band’s namesake, while Hooper reminds listeners that life can’t be lived all at once. Instead, you should try to live just one day at a time.

Their first full-length album, Howl, is set for release in the U.S. on April 14. That day they’ll start a short North American tour with German folk duo Milky Chance and then return to the old countries with European festival dates lined up all summer.

Meanwhile, enjoy the CMT Edge premiere of Mighty Oaks’ 1 Mic 1 Take video for “Just One Day.”