Nikki Lane Perks Up for Live @ CMT


High-class hillbilly Nikki Lane stopped by the studio for the latest episode of Live @ CMT, bringing her rebellious country tunes and an always-perky personality.

The Nashville musician made big strides in 2014, earning lots of critical love for her attitude-filled album, All or Nothin’, and marking her late-night TV debut on Conan.

She’s been given a whole lot of labels in that time, too, like “outlaw.” Not that it’s wrong, but the truth is more like she just has a good time and enjoys turning stereotypes upside down. Girls can hit the bars looking for a one-night stand, too, you know (not that she would). And they like to party just as much as the guys (even if it’s not around a bonfire or tailgate).

Along with singer-songwriter and friend Shelly Colvin, Lane stripped down two feisty tunes to their bare bones, letting the stories about late nights and life in the fast lane shine through. Proving that girls really do just want to have fun, check out “Seein’ Double” and “Right Time” on Live @ CMT.