Live @ CMT: Punch Brothers Can’t Be Beat


On this sparkling Live @ CMT session, Punch Brothers sound pretty upbeat, despite naming their new album The Phosphorescent Blues. Listen closely to the lyrics of “I Blew It Off” and suddenly the title makes sense. As everyone knows, those little lights in your hand are a big, big deal these days.

Even though modern gadgets should make it easier to stay in touch, nothing beats real-time collaboration. And that’s how the material on The Phosphorescent Blues came to be. The band rented houses for a few days whenever and wherever it was convenient, using them as writing retreats. With the luxury of time, or at least a spare day or two, the songs emerged unhurried. Then the five-piece ensemble partnered with producer T Bone Burnett to bring the new music to life.

Next up, Punch Brothers embark on a two-month tour that begins Feb. 20 in Washington D.C. You can bet they’ll get glowing reviews. Take a look at the Live @ CMT performances of “Julep,” “Magnet,” “I Blew It Off” and “Boll Weevil.”