Lee Ann Womack Looks for Answers in “Send It on Down”
Lee Ann Womack - Brian Tipton

Lee Ann Womack – Brian Tipton

Lee Ann Womack’s stunning “Send It on Down” tells the story of a character who’s at the end of her rope. The pressure is almost insurmountable: The family business has gone under, her father has died and she’s sinking into alcoholism. Friends, that is merely the first verse.

She wants to get out, but the only thing left to do is ask Jesus to save her from going crazy. “If you got something, won’t you send it on down/While I’m still able to be found?” she softly pleads.

That thread of hope is a hallmark of Womack’s latest album, The Way I’m Livin’. On Sunday (Feb. 8), the acclaimed project – her first set of new material in nearly seven years – will compete for a Grammy award in the category of best country album.

“I personally would rather hear about God and church and spirituality from a broken person than I would from somebody who acts like they have it all together, you know? So I’d rather get my gospel music from Willie Nelson than I would from the Gaithers,” she told the Nashville Scene. “I get way more out of hearing a sinner talk about God than I do somebody who comes at you like they’re not a sinner — which everybody is.”

Amen to that. Take a look at Lee Ann Womack’s Live @ CMT performance of “Send It on Down.”