Family of the Year Return as a Boyhood “Hero”


If you’ve seen the Oscar-nominated movie Boyhood, then you’ve heard the band Family of the Year. In the scene where Mason goes to college, it’s their elegant “Hero” that plays over the extended sequence.

Later this month, the film will compete for best picture and five other Academy Awards – but not in the category of best song. That’s because “Hero” is actually a few years old. The Los Angeles band included it on their appealing 2012 album, Loma Vista.

During its initial run, the single spent a record-breaking four months in the Top 5 at Triple A radio. And since Boyhood, the song is hovering around 30 million plays on Spotify. Now those royalties are helping lead singer-songwriter Joe Keefe rent a house while the band is working on new music.

“It’s the first time I’ve had a base camp I can call my own. And it’s mostly because of ‘Hero,’” he told the New York Post earlier this month.

Inevitably, Family of the Year set out on a journey of their own a few years ago, touring across the U.S. to support Loma Vista. During a Nashville stop, they filmed this lovely rendition of “Hero” in the CMT studio. It’s a somber song to play live and the band members were pretty worn-out when they arrived. But then we smuggled in a bottle of whiskey left over from the holiday party and made an impromptu toast – musicians and crew alike. And this is the performance we got immediately afterwards.

Thanks to the Boyhood breakthrough, it only seems right to raise a glass again. Enjoy this encore CMT Edge live performance of Family of the Year’s “Hero.”