All Aboard for Hogslop String Band’s “Reuben’s Train”


It’s pretty rare to get pitched on a video that’s described as a “farm potluck square dancing hoedown.” But that’s exactly what you get in Hogslop String Band’s “Reuben’s Train.” The lively track is a highlight of the new digital release, Volume Two: The Butcher Shoppe Sessions.

The Tennessee-based band is a collective of accomplished musicians who have been rousing crowds in bars and festivals since 2009. Already they’ve gotten stamps of approval from the Nashville Scene, worldly banjo player Abigail Washburn and famed guitarist Reggie Young. Casey McBride, the band’s washtub bass player, answered a few questions for CMT Edge just below the video.

CMT Edge: What was it about “Reuben’s Train” that made it the right choice for your first official music video?

McBride: We had a few tracks off of our latest record that we had considered, and thought about what song was truest to who we are as a live band. We went with “Reuben’s Train” because it was the hardest-hitting song we had, and we all wanted the video to be to the fastest, greasiest tune we had.

You described this to me as a “farm potluck square dancing hoedown.” Please tell me a little bit more about that. For example, what sort of crowd does that attract and what is the overall vibe when the night is well underway?

Two members of the band live in a great farm community outside of Nashville called Bells Bend Farms, so we decided to have it there in a barn where we’ve played plenty of square dances. We put word out to our closest friends in Nashville and threw a potluck square dance in the middle of winter.

Our goal with this video was to document what our lives are truly like where we live. Throw in some farm-fresh food and some booze and you’ve got a great time out in the country, usually ending in a fire pit jam. We have young and old, hillbillies and city folk, artists and business professionals coming to share one thing in common … craving human connection and to have a great time.

When you watch the video now, what goes through your mind?

I just think about what a great time it was. It was about 20 degrees out, and everyone was staying as close to the fire as possible in between dances. But looking back at it now … I’m glad we have nights like that documented to remind us of how fun all of this is.