James Hill Gives “New Moon” a Shot on Ukulele


While we’re still settling into the rhythms of 2015, it’s a fine time to post “New Moon” by Canadian folk artist James Hill. Strumming his ukulele and accompanied by his wife Ann Janelle on cello, Hill finds a poetic way to look back and move forward at the same time.

“Last year was a big year for us personally,” Hill told CMT Edge during a visit to Nashville in late 2014. “Ann and I got married. That always brings out some family dynamics. I was just wrestling with some things and trying to go back and understand myself and understand my parents. I’m paraphrasing them in the lyrics. I was trying to make peace with some things, some family things, so ‘New Moon’ is all about that.”

In February, Hill will take part in the Folk Alliance conference in Kansas City, Missouri, where he’ll host a ukulele workshop and showcase music from his latest album, The Old Silo.

Take a look at the exclusive CMT Edge live performance of “New Moon.”