Possessed by Paul James’ “Hurricane” Lifts Up the Kiddos


As anyone who works with kids can explain, the destructive force a child levels on the world is only equaled by the happiness they inspire.

And as a teacher and father, Possessed by Paul James (real name Konrad Wert) can confirm.

So while his own gale-force performances sometimes resemble a musical cyclone, the one-man-folk-tornado says “Hurricane” is all about the craziness of bringing a child into the world.

“’Hurricane’ was written with the intent of celebrating children — celebrating their challenges, celebrating their beauty and the sometimes overwhelming responsibility it takes to carry on,” he told CMT Edge. “We are all aware of what our children face in today’s world. There are constant hurdles which most children and families overcome to be loved, to be safe, to be accepted, etc.  ‘Hurricane’ is our little anthem for these kiddos.”

Recognized by the New York Times for one of the best live shows of 2014, Wert exerts a passion for life that transfers to his often-intense concerts as well. But for the “Hurricane” video, he tones things down, finding a peaceful clearing in a forest and only breaking five or six of his fiddle’s bow strings.

Mostly, it focuses on the kids and all the wonderful things they do — like dancing for the fun of it and finger painting as a contact sport.

“We wanted to share a moment of hope within music and video in what is presently becoming a more challenging and cruel world,” he said. “Yes, life ‘hits us like a hurricane.’ But when we invest in one another, we persevere and celebrate our joys and pain together. … Thus, let’s celebrate the kiddos, man. Let’s lift them up.”

If you’re close to Austin, Texas, you can catch Possessed by Paul James doing some live, hometown shows on Friday night (Jan. 23) as well as Feb. 5.

Enjoy the exclusive world premiere of his “Hurricane” video on CMT Edge.