Cory Branan Stands Out in Downtown Nashville


With a novelist’s eye and a deadpan wit, Cory Branan could represent all those Nashville songwriters who are making ends meet without much interest from Music Row. After all, he titled his newest album The No-Hit Wonder, a clever nod to his friends’ fledgling careers as well as his own.

While it’s rare to film Concrete Country with just one musician, Branan has been up to the task of playing solo for much of his career. Check out our exclusive performances of “Sour Mash” and “Daddy Was a Skywriter” (both taken from The No-Hit Wonder), as well as a homage to his hometown, “Prettiest Waitress in Memphis.”

Although these performances were filmed on the streets of downtown Nashville, Branan has since upped his game. He’ll be part of the Bloodshot Records 20th anniversary concert on Saturday (Jan. 24) at Nashville’s new City Winery.

Take a look at Cory Branan’s brand new Concrete Country performances.