Martin Sexton Wants to Woo You


Martin Sexton has been touring regularly since the 1990s, long before the days of digital downloads, so his fondness for the mixtape comes honestly. He tips his hat to that box-of-chocolates concept on Mixtape of the Open Road, which will be released on Feb. 10.

“I’ve taken comfort and inspiration from mixtapes friends made for me,” Sexton told the Wall Street Journal. “You know, like that soundtrack that you crossed the country to after graduation or that music that got you through a broken heart. I wanted to make a record in this fashion with each song musically different from the next.”

A new song called “You (My Mind Is Woo)” would be a perfect addition to any mixtape because it’s sweet, funny, melodic and — this is important — singularly and memorably titled.

Sexton explained the quirky wording to PopMatters: “There’s a brief magic time between day and night. Our minds have a similar twilight, that dusk and dawn, where intuition — not intellect — kicks in. I find this is where our true voices live. So, when I say ‘my mind is woo’ that’s what I mean, and the ‘You’ is anyone, anything, or anyplace you long for.”

Writing this reminds me that one of my favorite mixtape songs of the late 1990s was Sexton’s “Love Keep Us Together.” I had the recitation down pat. I think I’ll go download that right now.

Meanwhile, Sexton kicks off another tour on Feb. 12 in Louisville, Kentucky, with dates stretching across the country into early June. Enjoy the CMT Edge premiere of Martin Sexton’s video for “You (My Mind Is Woo).”