Allison Moorer Picks Up the Pieces in “Like It Used to Be”


Allison Moorer’s upcoming Down to Believing might be her most satisfying record in 15 years — going all the way back to 2000’s The Hardest Part. It’s true she’s been through the wringer lately, adjusting to a divorce from Steve Earle as well as their young son’s autism. But Down to Believing is far from a sad and lonely album.

With persuasive vocals and direct songwriting, her latest music cuts through the clutter. Her economy of writing remains strong and you get a sense she’s really taken the time off to process everything. She re-enlisted famed guitarist Kenny Greenberg to produce the new project in Nashville, bringing a foundation of power (and not just volume) to the sessions.

In the video for “Like It Used to Be,” Moorer is seen crawling across the floor and picking up the pieces, literally. By the end, though, she’s twirling her necklace with that mischievous glint in her eye and then leaves the remnants behind her. Suddenly there’s something to look forward to — for Moorer and Americana listeners alike.

Down to Believing will be released on March 17, followed by select tour dates. Take a look at the CMT exclusive premiere of Allison Moorer’s “Like It Used to Be.”