The Easy Leaves Head for “Fresno” When the Work Is Done
The Easy Leaves - Brian Tipton

The Easy Leaves – Brian Tipton

Like a couple of tired field hands headed toward a cold beer, the Easy Leaves sing a weary ode to letting loose in “Fresno.”

During their CMT Edge Live session, the duo explained what it’s like to hang around the vast fields of California’s Central Valley after all the work is done.

“Fresno, it’s a Central Valley town,” says singer Sage Fifield. “Most of (the area) is agricultural land, cattle land and then mountains. It’s like the big city down in the valley.

“There’s a lot of country going on down in California,” he continued. “I think this song is kind of like ‘Going to Jackson’ or something. You spend enough time up in the hills, you get an idea about ‘I’m gonna go somewhere and have some fun.’ It’s kind of like that idea.”

With his battered acoustic guitar and harmonica, Fifield sings in a quivering voice about finding a hole-in-the-wall, doing some fancy dancing and keeping at it till the sun comes up.

Meanwhile, Kevin Carducci fills in the blanks on stand-up bass and harmony vocals.

On Saturday (Jan. 3), the guys will host a fancy dancin’ party of their own with the third annual Western Winter Formal at the Great American Music Hall in their hometown of San Francisco.

But for those of us who’ll be stuck in the proverbial almond grove, enjoy this CMT Edge Live performance of the Easy Leaves’ “Fresno.”