Johnny Cash Comes Home for Christmas
Johnny Cash - Bettmann/Corbis Images

Johnny Cash – Bettmann/Corbis Images

“I’m comin’ home, mama!”

That’s what Johnny Cash yells at the end of “Christmas Time Is Coming,” the delightful opening number of his 1977 Johnny Cash Christmas Special, and he just sounds so happy to say it.

The Man in Black must have been in one of those magical holiday moods because he’s smiling and gesturing like a carnival barker all the way through this two-minute track. With a bouncy beat and a choir to back him up, you can almost picture Cash and family caroling from door to door.

On a recent visit to the Johnny Cash Museum in downtown Nashville, the CMT staff got an up-close look at Cash’s home life, and it showed him to be a very loving man. I bet he and June Carter Cash and the kids really did go caroling around their Goodlettsville, Tennessee, neighborhood.

If you’re headed home this Christmas, take a moment to put yourself in the proper frame of mind with Johnny Cash’s heartwarming “Christmas Time Is Coming.”

I hope he got to see his mama!