Brandi Carlile Blends Three Voices in “The Eye”


Anybody who’s seen a Brandi Carlile show knows that undeniable chemistry when she sings with the Twins, a.k.a. band members Tim and Phil Hanseroth. That exceptional vocal blend is on full display in “The Eye,” the first release from her upcoming album, The Firewatcher’s Daughter, due March 3.

Carlile tells NPR the band didn’t bother with recording demos for the new album, her first on independent ATO Records. That immediacy may be partly responsible for the rock ‘n’ roll influence across the rest of the record. And with new marriages and babies spread across the ensemble, Carlile said that emotions were running high in the studio.

“Our whole range is so eccentric because of the close ‘cultishness’ of the twins and me, and the fact that the three of us are so different. Having three equal writers is tricky, and not just for sequencing. I’m always trying to pull all the songs together with something, whether it’s a drum or a theme or some ambient sound they all have in them, subliminally,” she told NPR.

“I didn’t even try to rein it in this time. We totally let go and embraced how different our songwriting is,” she added. “My wife was nine months pregnant, so there was very little I could control except my dog! All that vulnerability is all over this record.”

Carlile will head to Minneapolis for New Year’s Eve for back-to-back shows at the Varsity Theatre. Her first gigs in 2015 will be on the Cayamo Cruise. Take a look at “The Eye.”