The Bros. Landreth Get Swindled in “I Am the Fool”


Even though they’re from Winnipeg, Canada, the Bros. Landreth have the sound of the American South coursing through their speaker wires.

“I Am the Fool,” a standout from their upcoming debut album Let It Lie, is a snake-bitten electric blues full of dirty, swampy attitude.

A new video for the track (originally written by Wally Landreth, father to two of the Bros.) brings the story of lust-despite-better-judgment to life.

When a regular Joe sees a dangerously good-looking brunette in the middle of nowhere, he can’t help but pull over. But when she jumps in without a second thought, it seems like maybe he’s the one being taken for a ride.

As we follow their day on the road we get introduced to each of the band members, too – Joey Landreth, lead singer and restaurant patron; Ariel Posen, guitarist and pool shark; Alex Campbell, keyboards and bartender; Dave Landreth, bassist and motel manager; and Ryan Voth, drummer and balloon enthusiast.

After a steamy night in the motel while guitar solos wail, the sun rises and we see our dangerous brunette behind the wheel of her new man’s truck … alone.

When he wakes up, he’ll be thinking “I Am the Fool” for sure.

Check out the hard-driving video for the Bros. Landreth’s “I Am the Fool.” Let It Lie comes out Jan. 27.