Shakey Graves Gets in the Spirit for “Dearly Departed”


Shakey Graves gives a haunting performance in “Dearly Departed,” one of the funniest music videos we’ve seen in a while. What would you expect from a song written on Halloween?

Alejandro Rose-Garcia — the Austin musician behind the moniker — portrays the Ghost of Relationships Past, who’s invisible to everybody except his brokenhearted buddy. The enticing Esme Patterson, who wrote and recorded the tune with Rose-Garcia, tags along for a hard-drinking night with that friend’s ex-girlfriend. You might say it’s a ghoul’s night out.

The (cemetery) plot is easy to follow, and for a video filled with dead people, it’s a treat to see the storyline come to life. Don’t miss the CMT premiere of Shakey Graves’ “Dearly Departed.”