Seth Walker Gets in Step With “All That I’m Askin’”


Seth Walker’s version of the blues always makes me happy. The songwriting is smart and accessible, but you can tell there’s some real emotion and experience behind it. After spending time in Texas and Tennessee, Walker now lives in New Orleans, but he filmed his brand new video in a New York City speakeasy. It’s an eye-catching piece that handily suits his dapper sense of style.

Check out the Q&A below, then see the CMT Edge premiere of “All That I’m Askin’.”

CMT Edge: Where was the video shot, and why did the look of that place grab your attention?

Walker: The video was shot at the Betti Bar in the Hourglass Tavern in NYC. Owners Beth Sheinis and Josh Toth were kind enough to free up the space for us, and it was the perfect old-school location for the feel of this video. We felt at home from the get-go and not to mention upon first viewing the bar, Nina Simone was whispering to us out of their speakers. It was meant to be.

I like the groove and the sense of desperation in the song. What was on your mind when you wrote it?

I wrote that tune in my house in New Orleans where syncopation seems to seep into you
almost unknowingly. The music of the bayou has a funky push-and-pull that definitely crept into my writing on this tune. As far as the desperate plea in “All That I’m Askin’,” I think everyone can relate. Aren’t we all waiting for a phone call?

How did the dancers get involved — and do you consider yourself a good dancer?

My girlfriend Dylis Croman has been a professional dancer in NYC for almost two decades, and she assembled the team and assisted Nathan Madden in the choreography. Their collective resumes stretch across some of the biggest Broadway shows, like Chicago, A Chorus Line, Movin’ Out, Fosse and Oklahoma! As far as my dancing skills, let’s just put it as they had to coach me more than a little! But I may or may not have been a break dancer in my past life.

What do you have on the books for 2015?

I will be touring extensively coast to coast as well as working on songs for a new album. I have 10 shows in February that are being billed as the Circle of the Song for which I’ll be joining up with Ed Jurdi (from Band of Heathens) and Edward David Anderson (formerly of Backyard Tire Fire). We’ll be performing songwriter-in-the-round style. I can’t wait for that run. It’s going to be like nothing I’ve ever done before. I think all of our fans are going to love it.

I’m also thinking about whipping up a collection of Christmas tunes to be released next year. I seem to be the happiest when I’m moving. So in the meantime, I’ll just keep dancing with the muse and let inertia do its work.