Rebecca Roubion Shimmers With “Christmas Lights”


As relentlessly chipper as some Christmas songs can be, it’s a real gift to find an elegant, understated number among the holiday releases. Rebecca Roubion’s “Christmas Lights” is one shining example.

“It’s definitely a sweet song — a song about hope, peace and joy — especially for those who are less fortunate or go through hard times during the holidays,” the singer-songwriter tells CMT Edge by email.

Asked how the song came to be, she replies, “I actually have white Christmas lights draped over my upright piano in my music parlor at home, and the day before I went into the studio, I was sitting down to rehearse the other Christmas songs. All of a sudden, it occurred to me there weren’t many songs about Christmas lights, so I just began singing to them — thinking how grateful I was for the small joy and hope they bring me when I play my piano.”

She continues, “About 10 minutes later, I’d written the song. Some songs you labor with for months. Others just walk right out of you, and you can’t really explain it. ‘Christmas Lights’ was one of those songs for me.”

Born in New Orleans and raised in Mobile, Alabama, Roubion now resides in Nashville. She’s currently on tour in Texas supporting her new project, also titled Christmas Lights. Remarkably, the title track almost got left out in the cold.

“I actually had to convince both my producer and manager that it should even be on the record,” she says. “Since I had written it a day or two before we got in the studio, I captured a quick demo of it on my iPhone, and I don’t think they were super-impressed. But once we dug a little deeper into the song and I played it for them in person, I think they warmed up to it. It was the last song we recorded for that reason, and I’m so glad it made the cut.”

Enjoy the CMT Edge premiere of Rebecca Roubion’s shimmering “Christmas Lights.”