Truth & Salvage Co. Retrace the “Black Ribbon Highway”
Photo by Sandlin Gaither

Photo by Sandlin Gaither

Truth & Salvage Co. took a breather after a very long tour last year, which gave singer-guitarist Scott Kinnebrew some downtime to hang out with his dad, Dr. Michael Kinnebrew. Turns out, the retired oral surgeon played a key role in getting a brand new tune out to the fans.

After retiring from a career of repairing cleft palates, Dr. Kinnebrew taught himself to fix guitars, then started writing songs. For inspiration, he drew on 1950s memories of summers spent on his uncle’s ranch in New Mexico. And the road you take to get there? Black Ribbon Highway.

Sounds just like a song, doesn’t it?

“He had the lyrics to what became ‘Black Ribbon Highway’ when I visited home last,” Scott Kinnebrew says. “Then we just sat down together with guitars and carved out the music and the melody.”

“Black Ribbon Highway” is the first new music from the band since they parted ways with their longtime management and label. This spring, they’ll start writing and recording a new album.

However, during a tour last summer, the band grabbed some studio time in Nashville with Dr. Kinnebrew in tow. As a result, he was able to see “Black Ribbon Highway” being built.

“All the parts everybody ended up bringing to the table were perfect,” says the younger Kinnebrew, who also produced the track, “and my dad was a kid in a candy store, never having recorded in a studio before. His energy brought something real special to the table. His harmonica playing set the whole tone for the session! We had a blast recording with him.”

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