Mighty Oaks Would Like You to Meet Their “Brother”


Mighty Oaks are becoming known for their indie-folk hit “Brother” although they aren’t truly a family band. Instead, Ian Hooper hails from Seattle, Claudio Donzelli is from Italy and Craig Saunders grew up in England. They’re currently based in Berlin but spend most of their time on stages around the world.

Over the summer, they worked their way through the European music festival scene. Early next year, they’ll tour the U.S. behind their full-length debut album. It’s already been a No. 1 hit in Germany with additional success in Norway, Switzerland and Australia.

In an interview with Hooting and Howling magazine, the band explained their musical blend comes naturally, despite their various backgrounds. With swelling melodies and sincere lyrics, “Brother” celebrates a fraternal bond that is relatable whether you have a brother or not. Along with a sense of camaraderie, the music video also captures some spectacular mountain scenery.

“Individually, we all share a love of the outdoors, and we respect people that are conscious of being a very small part of this big world, with big dreams that drive us,” they said. “We are similar in that respect.”

Take a look at Mighty Oaks’ “Brother.”