Levi Parham Relearns “Never Coming Home to Me”


Levi Parham leaned on his deep catalog for his upcoming album, Avalon Drive. One of the standout tracks is “Never Coming Home to Me,” written during a complicated time in his personal life and then tucked away until producer Nathan James Dohse encouraged him to bring it back.

“I had almost forgotten about ‘Never Coming Home to Me.’ I wrote it about seven years ago when my daughter’s mother and I separated,” Parham says. “We hadn’t been together long, were never married and separated not long after my daughter was born.

“I had sort of locked it away and forgotten about it. When I started working with Dohse, I started making demos of a bunch of different songs to see what stuck. Nathan immediately brought ‘Never Coming Home to Me’ out of the pile. I think he saw its potential, and we started breathing new life into it.”

Parham, a native of southeast Oklahoma, shot the video at the Savage Garden in Nashville. The unusual concept — he’s singing via laptop to someone who is clearly moving on — underscores the sense of transition in the lyrics. And although the melody is enticing, there’s a melancholy feel to the recording, too.

“When we got into the studio, it was like I was learning the song for the first time,” Parham says. “Megan Palmer was gracious enough to lend her voice and fiddle talents to a few tracks on the record, including this one, even though we recorded the day after she got off the plane from Alaska from a tour with Tim Easton. I’m sure she was very tired and jet-lagged, but she came anyway. A whole group of great talented people helped put this album together, and being a solo performer for the past year, it was such a blast to create music with awesome musicians.”

Look for Avalon Drive on Dec. 2. Until then, enjoy the CMT Edge premiere of Levi Parham’s “Never Coming Home to Me.”