SHEL, Gareth Dunlop Find Movie Magic in “Hold On”


With “Hold On,” a sensitive duet featured in the romantic new film The Best of Me, the members of SHEL and Northern Irish crooner Gareth Dunlop discover a powerful musical connection that was right in front of their eyes all along.

“I’ve been in Eva’s company on and off stage for a couple years,” Dunlop says. “In May of this year, we finally sat down to write, and I wish we had done it sooner.”

“We each spent a long day writing alone with nothing to show for it,” adds SHEL’s Eva Holbrook, one of four sisters in the band. “Gareth suggested we end an unfruitful day with a walk and an inaugural collaboration. We immediately stumbled onto something both of us recognized as magic.”

In “Hold On,” the two singers plead with a lover not to leave, making it the perfect companion to the Best of Me storyline. The Nicholas Sparks-written tale follows two childhood sweethearts who rekindle their relationship years later, discovering that true love really is forever.

Enjoy Holbrook and Dunlop’s luxurious vocal blend as they trade sugar-sweet verses, plus some pivotal scenes from the movie, in the new video for “Hold On.”