You+Me Softly Make a Statement in “Break the Cycle”


It’s been a pleasant surprise to spend some time with You+Me, the understated duo of Alecia Moore and Dallas Green that released a satisfying debut album earlier this month.

Moore, of course, is the real name of pop star Pink, while Green is known for his work in City & Colour. They’ve been friends for years, yet the album was made in just a week, without pretense. As a result, there’s an immediacy to the vocals, as if they didn’t overthink it. On the flip side, though, the lyrics read like a deep conversation between friends who are cut from the same cloth.

One of the highlights is “Break the Cycle,” an honest and empowering song they wrote about Moore’s mother. The storyline and singing take center stage, as they should, while a piano and a string section underscore the emotions that anchor the song.

“I had a strained relationship with my mom, which was both really, really beautiful and loving and really, really painful and empty,” Moore told Time magazine. “My greatest job in my life is to change that for my daughter. I would walk on fire to love Willow in a more wholesome way.”

Moore added, “Obviously it’s a cliché that we want more for our kids than we had, and I’m not saying I had it terrible, but I want to break the cycle. My dad was an abused child, and he would always say that every day you have a choice of who you are going to be, and your choice is to break the cycle.”

The title of the song is fitting for both artists, as well. Rather than get on a promotional machine, the musicians are doing just a few interviews and appearances while allowing the attention to land on the music itself. With minimal production, you really get a chance to hear everything. And their vocal blend is unbeatable.

“My fans are used to me shape-shifting,” Green told Time. “It’s a surprising collaboration because you know the two of us by what we’re ‘known for,’ but if you knew our relationship as people and as friends, it’s not surprising at all. We’re just two singer-songwriters who sat in a room and sang a bunch of songs together.”

Take a look at the music video for You+Me’s “Break the Cycle.”