Parker Millsap Rigs Up a Church in “Truck Stop Gospel”
Parker Millsap - Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Parker Millsap – Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Parker Millsap is saving souls at 70 miles per hour in his new video for “Truck Stop Gospel.”

With all the wild spiritual fervor of a young Jerry Lee Lewis, Millsap brings the rapid-fire stomper to life in the back of a tractor-trailer-turned-chapel.

“‘Truck Stop Gospel’ is a song about a traveling Bible salesman, but he doesn’t sell ‘em. He just runs around with an 18-wheeler full of those New Testaments with Psalms and Proverbs and yells at people at truck stops,” Millsap told CMT Edge last year.

“Where I’m from in central Oklahoma, I’ve never met someone just like that, but there are definitely some roadside chapels where they take these semitrailers … and they set up a church in there with some chairs on either side and a stage at one end. Truckers on the road will stop on Sunday morning and have church there.”

In Millsap’s video of roadside deliverance, his jewel-encrusted truck driver spreads the good word in much the same way. Setting up shop wherever heavy-duty tires stop rolling, he lets the Holy Spirit flow through him without a filter, shouting fire and brimstone and promising saving grace at the same time. He even baptizes the infamous “parking lot lady” right there in the trailer.

After growing up in the Pentecostal church, Millsap’s mix of old-time religion and hip-shaking just comes naturally.

“I was raised on gospel music,” he said. “And especially the double-time — the chorus of the song — that’s the bread and butter that I was raised on.”

Check out Parker Millsap’s Jake-Brake-riding servant of the Lord in the brand new video for “Truck Stop Gospel.”