Pieta Brown, Amos Lee Duet on “Do You Know”


On “Do You Know,” singer-songwriters Pieta Brown and Amos Lee team up for a serene and seductive duet dedicated to the positive parts of this crazy world — namely, love.

“The spark was that simple feeling of looking around at all the troubles in the world and in a flash recognizing all the beauty that exists, too,” Brown told CMT Edge. “When I’m down or overwhelmed, it’s always love that sees me through. The song will always keep that meaning for me.”

Brown, whose father is folk musician Greg Brown, says she wrote most of the daydreamy track while chasing her future duet partner across the country.

“I wrote most of that song in my head riding shotgun on I-80 on my way to open some shows for Amos,” she said. “And I remember mentioning the song when we were out doing shows together, but I never found time to sing it to him on that run.”

Later, when Brown started recording her sixth album, the self-produced Paradise Outlaw, Lee wrote her a sweet message of encouragement.

“I wrote right back to him and told him I never could finish that song … and I just asked him if he would want to hear it and if he could help me land the last verse,” she said.

She sent a demo, and when it came back with the last verse sorted out less than a day later, Brown and Lee decided recording it as a duet was the only option.

“I’m a big fan of natural chemistry, and I love the way Amos sings,” she said. “It’s sonically very different than the way I sing, but our voices blend so easily and naturally. There’s a tension and a sweetness at the same time that I hear in the blend.”

As for the accompanying video, Brown and Lee decided not to even be in it. Instead, it’s full of shapes and colors and most of all, feeling.

“I’m experimental by nature, and I thought it would be fun,” Brown said about the clip. “A lot of songwriters and performers I know have mixed feelings about music videos, so I just tried to have fun serving the song and experimenting with the visual side of things. I have had fun experimenting with making all these videos — one for every song on Paradise Outlaw.”

Check out Pieta Brown and Amos Lee blending their talents into soft-spoken beauty on “Do You Know.”