Jamestown Revival Long for America’s “Golden Age”


Jamestown Revival showed up for their CMT Edge live taping in a decidedly nostalgic mood.

The Texas-based duo of childhood buddies have an obvious knack for conjuring beautiful landscapes with their music and chose to perform “Golden Age,” which Jonathan Clay says looks back on a simpler time in American history.

“‘Golden Age’ was about the fact that in our wonderful country, we’ve done a lot of things good, and we’ve made a lot of mistakes, too,” Clay said. “‘Golden Age’ is about the things we’ve done right. It’s about a longing for that era when ‘Made in America’ was the norm, and stuff that was from overseas, that was the exception. And when people really took pride in what they did here. People still do, but from our vantage point, sometimes it seems a little harder to find.”

Featuring their stunning best-friend harmonies and a softly windblown approach, you can almost feel the last rays of a setting sun. Of course, there’s always a touch of sadness in knowing the light will be gone for a while, but Clay and musical partner Zach Chance know it will return in time.

Check out Jamestown Revival’s heartfelt tribute to the land of the free, “Golden Age,” on Live @ CMT.