The Lone Bellow Start Anew With “Then Came the Morning”


When the Lone Bellow made their head-turning debut in 2013, it was their thick, stratospheric harmonies and impassioned live performances that took center stage.

Now with “Then Came the Morning,” the first single from their upcoming second album, it seems like Zach Williams, Brian Elmquist and Kanene Pipkin are looking to expand their massive sound and stage presence even more. As can be seen in a new performance video, the group has added a small orchestra of string, wind and brass instruments to their musical menu.

Surprisingly, frontman Williams says it was Elvis Presley who inspired the idea.

“I was listening to a lot of Vegas-era Elvis when I started writing it,” he told NPR Music. “It has tinges of our gospel-music upbringing. The piano melody especially highlights the way my grandmother can bang on her old upright when she sings ‘Uncloudy Day’ every Thanksgiving. We recorded all the vocals together in the old church sanctuary at Dreamland Studios, and Aaron Dessner wrote all the wind, brass and strings with Vegas Elvis in mind.”

The new album (also called Then Came the Morning) arrives in January.

For the video, Williams and company dive right into their famous harmony — from the very first beat, in fact. Their passion is still obvious, as is the timeless quality of their vocal blend. And Williams still only has one speed — full commitment to the song.

From tiny clubs to unexpected venues like Nashville’s Downtown Presbyterian Church and from huge festivals like Bonnaroo to late night TV, the Brooklyn-based trio have left nothing but pools of sweat and mesmerized audiences in their wake so far. It looks like now the pools of sweat will just be bigger.

Watch the Lone Bellow’s new video, “Then Came the Morning.”