Streets of Laredo Connect New Zealand to New York City


Streets of Laredo might sound like a band of proud Texas diehards, but the core of this jangly folk-rock collective is actually from New Zealand.

Dave, Dan and Sarahjane Gibson founded the group after moving to New York City in 2012.

“Strangely enough, no, we have not yet been to Laredo,” admits older brother Dave. “But we really connected with the old folk song ‘Streets of Laredo’ and the whole notion of border towns.”

“Laredo,” a foot-tapping standout full of layered harmony and sharp electric-guitar hooks from their debut album Volume I & II, also takes its name from the rough-and-tumble Texan town.

“‘Laredo’ was written about six months after we moved to New York,” Dave tells CMT Edge. “We had a pretty tough first six months here, but were just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As anyone who’s moved far away from home can tell you, starting a new life can be intense. But through all the hardships, through getting fired from crappy day jobs and losing our bond to corrupt landlords, we starting coming to the realization that we all were truly finding ourselves in New York City and in this band.”

Expanding on that feeling of self-discovery, younger brother Dan strung two lyrics together — ‘I found a road in the dust to Laredo’ and ‘I found gold in the tunnels of New York’ — and suddenly the band was off to the races.

“Both of those lines were swimming around in my head for a while,” he says. “When it came to fishing them out, it all took shape after that.”

Check out Streets of Laredo channeling their inner Texan on “Laredo.”