The Dirty Beggars Come Back to the Nashville Streets


A few years ago, an MTV executive with Irish roots came to Nashville on a business trip and stumbled upon the Dirty Beggars, a jovial Scottish band busking downtown. Later that night, he chatted them up in a honky-tonk bar, jotted down their contact information and encouraged them to give us a heads-up the next time they were in the area.

Indeed, they did. This summer, the Dirty Beggars played Floyd Fest in Floyd, Virginia, landed a last-minute gig in New York City and even secured a spot at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, among many other highlights.

With strong roots in bluegrass and country music, they’re right up our alley — literally. For this installment of Concrete Country, they set up on a street corner on Lower Broadway in Nashville, about a block from the CMT offices. Thanks to their undeniable energy and catchy melodies, they attracted a curious crowd almost immediately.

Check out these exclusive live performances of “Come Away With Me,” “Unforgiven” and “Hey Hey.” (If you’re in the UK, you can view them here.)