Kelly Pardekooper Gets Right to It in “She Moves”


In recent years, Kelly Pardekooper has landed his heartland rock on hit television shows like True Blood, Justified, Sons of Anarchy and Blue Bloods. But with “She Moves,” the Indianapolis-based singer-songwriter is putting himself in front of the camera for the first time.

Featuring a dirty acoustic-guitar chop and a bluesy story about a bad, bad girl, Pardekooper hits the nail on the head when he describes “She Moves” as a “straightforward three-chords-and-a cloud-of-dust-type song.”

“I’m a big fan of brevity and songs that get right to it,” he tells CMT Edge via email. “In the spirit of Hank Williams Sr., and early Beatles, I do think you can get the song’s story and emotion across in two minutes.

“I better plead the fifth to protect the innocent on inspiration for the song though,” he jokes. “I can tell you I wrote it while living in Los Angeles, and she does indeed have long black hair.”

For his video, Pardekooper enlisted his director Brian Schnitz’s sister to play the mystery woman, then turned his sweatbox of an attic into a soundstage.

“This was my first real planned music video, so it was a learning process,” Pardekooper admits. “We tried to keep it pretty simple conceptually. I’ll admit it’s an odd feeling performing for a video camera. Completely different than performing live onstage. The video process feels more sterile in the moment, so you need to kind of suspend belief and reality.

“The most memorable part for me was shooting in my 90-degree attic with those hot lights. No airflow, no makeup person, no huge budget. … And it was hot! But we had a ball, and I think it came out great.”

Check out Kelly Pardekooper’s acting debut in the CMT Edge premiere of “She Moves.”