Scary Little Friends’ “Devil’s Heart” Takes a Beating


In their new video for “Devil’s Heart,” Scary Little Friends capture the pent-up frustration of a youth spent learning to lose.

Bandleader Chris Jones has clearly been hurt before, and what starts as a calm but brokenhearted lament ultimately swells into a fury of disappointment and futility. With Charlie Knote and Jon Payne backing him, Jones admits he’s been using the Devil’s heart in place of his own, since someone has already ripped his out. And he’s been gambling with the Devil’s soul, too, so it might be best to just stay away.

He’s also apparently been burned by so-called friends in the past, and has sadly learned to hold back: “I can’t tell the future, so I don’t tell my friends/All my innermost secrets that I’ve been hiding from them.”

Sounds like a lonely way to go through life, but the perfect foundation for a song that mixes the weary elements of blues and folk with a hint of sunny Californian surf rock.

Based in San Francisco, the trio self-recorded their debut album From the Beginning and have a few shows lined up on the West coast this fall.

Check out the CMT Edge premiere of Scary Little Friends and their dusty video for “Devil’s Heart,” filmed in an Old West ghost town.