You + Me Find Splendid Harmony in Side Project


Within one week, two longtime friends suddenly forged a musical alliance, recorded eight songs and collectively became known as You + Me. Although they’re introduced in press materials as Alecia Moore and Dallas Green, the artists are far better known by their rocker names – Pink and City and Colour. They first became acquainted through Moore’s husband, Carey Hart.

“My dear Dallas and I have been friends for many years. And we’ve toured together. We met through a mutual friend,” Moore said in the band’s EPK. “He has the most angelic voice I have ever heard in my entire life and I thought, ‘Huh, maybe if one day I get good enough, he’d sing with me.’ And I asked him.”

“Partially true,” Green replied. “You asked me one night and I said, ‘Sure. Whenever you want.’ So I said, ‘Hey, what are you doing in March? I’m coming over.’ … Remember, I thought I was just going to come over to your house and we would play guitar and see if we could do something. And you were like, ‘Oh, I got a studio rented just in case.’”

Although they were planning to merely drop off guitars at the studio, then head out for drinks, the friends ended up spontaneously writing new material and quickly recording it. Appropriately the first single, also titled “You and Me,” feels natural and immediate.

“It doesn’t sound like me featuring you or you featuring me. It sounds like us,” Green noted.

“It’s hard to harmonize with other people. It’s hard to sound cohesive. It’s hard to have the same levels, and the same aggression, and the same tone, to even have it sound good,” Moore observed. “You can collaborate with other people, but to actually marry your voices. We were both taken aback by how well our voices …”

“How quickly we were able to do it,” Green interjected. “My friend said, ‘People spend their whole lives trying to sound that good together.’”

You + Me’s debut project will arrive Oct. 14. Until then, take a look at the lyric video for “You and Me.”