“Turn! Turn! Turn!” Returns in New Feature Film


To everything there is a season, and this fall brings a revival of the classic tune, “Turn! Turn! Turn!” This time, the ByrdsRoger McGuinn gives it another go, with support from Emmylou Harris and Ricky Skaggs, for an upcoming movie simply titled The Song.

The Byrds’ original 1965 version may be the best-known rendition, though the songwriting credit goes to folk legend Pete Seeger (and, yes, to the Bible verse that inspired it).

“‘Turn! Turn! Turn!,’ based on the book of Ecclesiastes, is my favorite song,” McGuinn says. “It was a pleasure to work with Ricky, Emmylou and friends to rerecord this version for the movie and soundtrack.”

The Song brings an Americana vibe to its spiritual storyline. Scheduled for a Sept. 26 release, the feature film follows Jed King, a hopeful songwriter whose father is a country legend. When a new romance brings about a breakthrough hit of his own, King is suddenly cast into a world where unsavory options abound. The script is inspired by the Bible’s Song of Solomon.

Meanwhile, the soundtrack for The Song is slated for a Sept. 30 release and will offer 11 original Americana tunes, alongside four classic hits with new musical arrangements. Listen to McGuinn’s new version of “Turn! Turn! Turn!” with guest turns from Harris and Skaggs.