Lee Ann Womack Faces the Devil in “The Way I’m Livin'”


In the first line of Lee Ann Womack‘s new single, “The Way I’m Livin’,” she makes a startling admission: “I met the devil on the side of the road one day.”

And it only gets more scandalous from there. With just one sip from his bottle, suddenly she’s lyin’ and sinnin’ and bound for hell.

Fortunately, an encounter with the Grammy-winning country singer is far less frightening. After delivering the video to CMT, Womack chatted with CMT Edge about the cinematic new project, which was directed by Roger Pistole. (He also helmed Chris Knight‘s striking videos for “Framed” and “It Ain’t Easy Being Me,” among many others.)

Shot with a palette of sepia tones, the video follows two characters who appear to be possessed, but only one gets away — or does he? Meanwhile, in her scenes, Womack is safely tucked away as the story unfolds. What was it about this video treatment that grabbed her?

“Well, I love Roger Pistole,” she replied. “I like him because he’s not so literal, you know? Whatever he does, it makes you think, and you don’t get all your answers in one viewing, so you go back and watch it again. He really grabbed me.”

While it’s a beautifully-shot video, I had to make a confession of my own: I couldn’t look at the snakes. As I told Womack, that particular scene made me uncomfortable.

“Did it?” she answered, slyly. “I think that was the intention. I don’t like them, either. I wasn’t there, so never saw them until I saw the video. I just really trust him and trusted his vision for it. You know, I do what I do, then I try to let people do what they do. So it was not my idea!”

Womack will release her first album in seven years, also titled The Way I’m Livin’, on Sept. 23. After that, she’ll join R&B star John Legend in the newest episode of CMT Crossroads, which is scheduled for a Sept. 26 premiere on CMT.

Take a look at “The Way I’m Livin’.” (And don’t say I didn’t warn you about the snakes!)