Humming House’s “Freight Train” Gets Fans Onboard


The Nashville band Humming House is putting a new spin on making a live record. Rather than simply recording a local gig, the upbeat ensemble invited a bunch of fans and friends to a small studio in East Nashville and tapped at least one keg. The result? Humming House Party!

“Like most touring bands, we pass our time on the road listening to our favorite records,” Humming House frontman Justin Tam tells CMT Edge. “Over the past year and particularly during our spring tour to SXSW, our soundtrack was the Beach Boys classic 1965 album, Beach Boys’ Party! Inspired by the jubilant and carefree approach the Beach Boys brought to the album, we decided to capture the raucous nature of our own live shows on tape.”

He continues, “On May 23, we got together with our closest friends at an amazing studio space tucked away in East Nashville called EastSide Manor to record Humming House Party! Complete with kegs, beer pong, a bonfire, colorful parasols and arbors of ivy lacing this studio mansion … we literally threw a Humming House party and recorded the whole experience.”

Asked how the band achieved a freewheeling feeling inside of a studio space, Tam replied, “Our strategy was to rely heavily on our amazing fans! Before every Humming House show, we quite literally set out to throw a party. Our audience really embraces that goal which makes performing live especially fun for us.”

Tam also credits their producer, Stephen Turney of 24HR Records: “Stephen set up three pairs of room mics in the cathedral height ceilings of the East Side Manor amongst the crowd. The room mics captured the night from the audience’s perspective and added great depth to the multi-track recording. Of course some quality time at the keg before the performance started didn’t hurt the positive vibes either! We’re really pleased with how the project turned out overall.”

Humming House Party! is out Tuesday (Aug. 26). Check out the live version of “Freight Train.”