Cahalen Morrison Keeps Classic Country Tied Up Tightly


Cahalen Morrison & Country Hammer take a swing at traditional country music on “Over and Over and Over Again” and end up hitting the proverbial nail on the head.

Talking about his love of classic country, Morrison tells CMT Edge, “I think it is the combination of humor and love in most of the music. The greats really called out a lot of the ridiculousness of relationships and joked about a lot of the things that are really taboo — like love, sex, drugs, etc.

“Whether a lot of the material was meant to be joking or serious is beside the point, and a lot of it can really be viewed as satire, which I think is one of the most sincere forms of getting a point across.”

For the heartbroken song’s down-home video, director Jenna Pool keyed in on the theme of sincerity, too, as well as a real sense of home.

“I think she did a great job capturing the song’s feel without using the really obvious things,” says Morrison. “It felt really natural to shoot it how we did — in my backyard with family and friends. Watching it now, it just feels like part of life, not construed and bent to fit anything but reality.”

Morrison grew up in northern New Mexico but now lives in Seattle. As half of the duo Cahalen Morrison & Eli West, he explored a modern vein of acoustic roots, but now he’s all about a sound that echoes from long ago. “Over and Over and Over Again” mixes timeless wit with a vocal presence that’s as clear and unadorned as the mountain air.

“That whole song got started by the line ‘I’ve come to tie one on/And if I tie it tightly it won’t come undone,’” he says. “I thought of that, and the rest of the song grew out of it. It was definitely a really fun exercise in country songwriting, trying to find funny but poignant material and clever metaphors.

“That’s really the most pleasurable thing about writing songs, in my opinion. County music really opens itself up for that and embraces the silliness and humor of wordplay without trivializing it. And trying to find good lines is a challenge, but turns out George Jones didn’t actually sing all of them after all!”

Enjoy Cahalen Morrison & Country Hammer’s “Over and Over and Over Again,” the first single from the band’s new album, The Flower of Muscle Shoals.