The Apache Relay Take a Bow to “Katie Queen of Tennessee”


At first glance, the Apache Relay’s new video for “Katie Queen of Tennessee” is cute and interesting, but it’s what’s you can’t see — or rather, can’t hear — that makes this video so special.

It features energetic young dancers from the Nashville Dance Center, done up in their full stage costumes and makeup, performing a perfectly-choreographed routine while the band plays a dreamy, roots-pop tune in an old barn. However, things aren’t what they seem.

According to NPR Music: “When director Hayley Young was thinking of how to make a video for the song, she wanted dancers from Nashville to be part of the act. A search online brought her to a routine by the Nashville Dance Center set to music from the musical Rock of Ages. She turned the hair metal down, cranked up the tune from Apache Relay’s new self-titled album and — like The Wizard of Oz meeting Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon for the first time — discovers a match that was simply meant to be.”

That’s right. The dancers aren’t even listening to the same song as the band. And somehow, the timing works out perfectly. Shot in one continuous take (in Vince Gill and Amy Grant’s barn, no less), this video is truly unique. Don’t believe it? Check out a behind-the-scenes video on a website set up for just this reason.

The Nashville-based band is currently on tour and will join the Wild Feathers for a string of dates beginning Oct. 15 in Kansas City, Missouri. Enjoy a roots rock/hair metal mash-up of epic proportions with the Apache Relay’s “Katie Queen of Tennessee.”