Judah & the Lion Run “Scared” Into the Studio


Judah Akers and Brian Macdonald of Judah & the Lion are not afraid to pounce on a cool idea.

Macdonald explains: “I was sitting by myself eating dinner and Judah said to me, ‘Why are you eating by yourself, bro?!’ Then I said, ‘I’m not scared of being alone, brah!!’ Immediately Judah and I got big eyes. We looked at each other and said simultaneously, ‘We have to write that song.’ It was kind of a random occasion, but we just knew that lyric had power to it, so we wrote the song the next day.”

The resulting song, “Scared,” is a highlight of Kids These Days, a new album arriving on Sept. 9.

“Recording was very organic and raw. This was the first song we recorded, and it was recorded the day that we wrote it,” says Macdonald. “Our producer Dave Cobb is the king at this type of recording, and we are very happy with how the album turned out. I think there were four or five songs that we ended up recording this way — write it, then lay it down soon thereafter.”

The self-assuring message of the song will be relatable to anybody in their 20s and even folks with a few more decades of life experiences under their belt. Regardless of age, admitting you’re afraid — or vulnerable — isn’t always easy.

“Wearing your heart on your sleeve can definitely be the hardest thing to do as a songwriter,” Macdonald says. “There are some things about our lives that you would just rather not share with everyone. However, it sometimes creates the most enticing songs, and I think it can be very rewarding if we are able to get to that point as songwriters.”

The band’s heading out on the road in October with dates scheduled through mid-November. Akers sings lead and plays guitar, while Macdonald plays mandolin and Nate Zuercher rounds out the trio on banjo.

“We are so excited about ramping up our tour schedule this next year. We are planning on nothing less than a very energetic set. You will see a lot of colors, lights, a lot of dancing and maybe even some flips if you’re lucky,” McDonald says with a wink.

Check out the CMT Edge premiere of Judah & the Lion’s “Scared.”