See Shooter Jennings’ “Don’t Wait Up (I‘m Playing Possum)”


Shooter Jennings was obviously thinking about George Jones when he wrote “Don’t Wait Up (I’m Playing Possum),” but there was something else on his mind, too.

“I wanted to make something really dark with a groove and a story,” Jennings told CMT Edge in June, “and I wrote a song about a guy whose wife is cheating on him, and he finally flips and goes to the dark side himself.”

While the plot is indeed dark, the psychedelic music video is anything but. However, what shines brightest is Jennings’ sincerity. After all, his father Waylon Jennings and Jones were close friends. The elder Jennings died in 2002, while Jones passed away in 2013.

“I don’t think the country community was appreciating what they had, and I definitely don’t think that they are paying respects to the ones that have passed very well,” Shooter Jennings said. “I’m not talking about the fans necessarily but the business itself. But then again, they were never on their side on the way up. Why would anyone expect them to be on their side on the way down?”

He added, “George is a true anomaly. His talent and voice will continue to inspire generations with or without the help of the music business. True lovers of country music — and all music, really — will always decorate the graves of its heroes.”

The track comes from Jennings’ new five-song EP, Don’t Wait Up (For George), He also covers the classics “She Thinks I Still Care,” “If Drinkin’ Don’t Kill Me” and “The Door” on the project. Be the first to see Shooter Jennings’ “Don’t Wait Up (I’m Playing Possum).”