Lucette Makes a Killer First Impression in “Bobby Reid”


In her striking new video for the mysterious “Bobby Reid,” Canadian chanteuse Lucette reveals herself as a dark, methodical singer-songwriter — and actress.

The video is filled with foreboding and straight-up murder, and the only thing more intriguing than Lucette’s beauty is the apparent numbness in the way she delivers her story, then dispatches poor Bobby Reid.

Fellow Americana artists Sturgill Simpson and J.D. Wilkes make well-placed appearances as the title character and a creepy church pastor, respectively. Also appearing briefly is former Survivor contestant and beauty queen Jefra Bland.

But it’s the slow, roots-pop chant of Lucette’s delicate vocals that steal each scene. Her debut album, Black Is the Color, comes out Aug. 26.

Check out the CMT Edge premiere of her video for “Bobby Reid,” and see if you can guess what led to this strange series of events.