Israel Nash Hears the Texas Hill Country in “Who in Time”


Israel Nash mixes ‘60s psychedelia with the spirit of Texas country on “Who in Time,” a dreamy new track from his upcoming album, Rain Plans, due Aug. 19.

When Nash moved to Dripping Springs, Texas, from New York City in 2011, the thoughtful songsmith fell in love with the landscape of wildflowers, scrub brush and dusty back roads.

“It was always my intention to make an album that really sounded like what the Hill Country looked like and felt like to me,” he tells CMT Edge.

On “Who in Time,” Nash paints a sonic picture using bright strokes of grunge, ‘60s folk-pop and crying pedal steel. It’s sometimes reminiscent of classic Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

“I think some of the CSNY feel in the song is partially due to the ‘la-la-la’ vocal arrangement at the end,” Nash admits. “Guys singing ‘la-la-las’ in falsetto will forever be cool to me. … But I knew I wanted pedal steel on most of the songs on the new album. I hadn’t written the songs yet, but I knew I wanted lots of steel.

“Eric (Swanson) surprised me one day and told me he had bought one from California — that was almost three years ago. He definitely plays the instrument his own way and adds something truly special to the sonic and emotional feel of the album and to the live show.”

You can get a feel for how the band works together by watching the video for “Who in Time,” captured live in New York City’s Studio 17. Nash says the song is inspired by the special people in each person’s life — the ones that end up shaping you.

“It’s about searching for those people, loving them without condition and keeping them close,” he says. “Without them, you’re just alone.”

Following the album’s release, Nash will tour across Europe before returning stateside in September for the Americana Music Festival in Nashville.

Check out the CMT Edge premiere of Israel Nash’s video for “Who in Time.”